WP Translation plugin


Job Description

I need to configure the WPML Translation plugin for my site. The template I'm using is a one page one and it seems to affect the way the site works with translation.

I want the following:

- English version: www.domain.com
- Chinese version: www.domain.com/cn
- Language switcher with flags in both the menu bar and footer.

- Domain: www.forestviewholdings.com
- Login details: will send via private message
- Template: Dry WP
- Template support: http://www.support.drythemes.com/discussion/409#Item_6
- WPML guide: http://wpml.org/documentation/getting-started-guide/language-setup/custom-language-switcher/

If WPML cannot work, can you just add a subdirectory and manually create a link to it?

Many thanks,

Skills: english