Port a small video game to DOS using FreeBasic.

Port a small video game to DOS using FreeBasic.


Job Description

Looking for a developer that can take an existing video game and port it to DOS.

Yes. I said DOS.

Using FreeBasic. Yes. I said FreeBasic.


1) Must be able to build a non-graphically-intensive video game.
2) Must be able to do so with FreeBasic using the built-in graphics libraries.
3) Must be able to make it run properly under DOSBox.

Shipping copy of the video game in question -- along with source code and all completed art assets -- will be provided to assist in the porting process.

Details on the game:

1) The game uses no sprites and no animation.
2) The game is in the "tycoon" and "management" genre.
3) The game does not utilize any Database or Networking functionality.
4) Save files are in the form of simple XML files.

Skills: graphics, ms-dos, visual-basic, management