Google Maps with ASP.NET Needed

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Job Description

I need a web project written in .NET along with the use of Google Maps. I need to do all of the following:

1. Add a Google map to an web page in a .NET project.
2. Go to a location and center map on it. This is the user's lat/lon I will pass to the page as parameters.
3. Retrieve a list of markers to add to the map. Each marker will have it's ID passed and the lat/lon. Use the ID passed to go with the marker. You can use a datatable right now which could be a query from MS SQL in the future.
Load the markers on the map based on each lat/log of the marker.
4. Need to move any marker based on changes in the data. Use a timer set to 15 seconds to query the data. For you this would just be retrieving the datatable. But have the ability to change the lat/lon for any records in the datatable and see the marker move without a postback. Use ajax updatepanel for this when needed.
5. The datatable will have the fields: MarkerID, Lat, Lon, isVisible. Have the ability to change the isVisible in a record and when done and the timer fires, that marker should be removed from the map.
6. The markers should not have any animation such as bouncing.

I use Visual Studio 2012 but earlier versions can be used. I also develop in VB.NET but C# is acceptable if needed. I also will need to see this working and the code to this to make sure it was not mocked up and must to be the specs I gave above. It must use a datatable for the input data with the timer.

I have plenty of upcoming work so I would like to find someone reliable and good for this. I have a small budget for this one but more to come.

So a recap of what I need. An ASP.NET web page to load the may with my initial coordinates given. Read a datatable with the fields given and display markers for each record. Update any record in the datatable and have a timer set for 15 seconds read it and update, add and remove any markers from it.

There are a couple controls out there that are helpful. If you plan to use one let me know ahead of time. There is which has a great event for tapping the marker without a postback because it used ajax. But cannot find how to move the markers. And there is one at It has a way to move the markers but no nice marker events. I want the user to tap a marker and the popup show a small profile picture, some info and a button which will load a new web page if possible passing the marker ID with it.

No STANDARD replies or they will be deleted. Let me know how yo can help me.


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