Linux Administrator (CentOS/Proxmox/Load balancing)

Linux Administrator (CentOS/Proxmox/Load balancing)


Job Description


We are looking for a system administrator for the support of our web servers.
Web server architecture is described below:

- PROXMOX web server (hosted by OVH)
- One VPS "stand-alone": PLESKn MYSQL + PHP 5.2.7 (and some additional modules)
- One load balanced architecture: PRESL, 2xVMs application, VM shared storage, load balanced MYSQL (master/slave replication)
- One windows VPS

We are looking for a support provider having knowledge and experience in each components of our architure.
French speaking is a plus, English a must.

We need someone to be our server maintenance engineer. This means someone able to do the maintenance work, updating our systems, making
sure everything run smoothly and step in when some specific tasks have to be done. We need someone available 24/7 (or at least agree on a time frame).

Skills: linux, english, server-administration