Residential 'Swimming Pool" Site plans needed

Residential 'Swimming Pool" Site plans needed


Job Description

We are swimming pool builder and are looking to outsource all of our site plan designs to a qualified candidate through Odesk, this is what will be required

o The site plan, drawn to scale in metric terminology, will indicate the size of the lot; all property lines; size and location of all buildings; size, location and volume of the pool; any easements; location of the heater and filter, and where the backwash water will drain.

o pool specifications The specifications should list the type of pool being installed; heater maker and size; pump make and capacity; filter type and size; chlorination system details; number, size and flow rate of all skimmers, outlets, main drain and inlets; location of all plumbing lines (including connections and valves); and the location of depth markings, ladders, diving boards, and lifeline.

these site plans will be used to apply for swimming pool building permits, I will be able to provide you with the needed information, we will be needing someone qualified and we will be hiring them to do all of our site plans.


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