Russia: market research with interviews in Russian

Russia: market research with interviews in Russian


Job Description

Now we have small potential project to Russia with short deadline. (preferably 24.01, with maximum of 29.01).
Need interviews (1 or 2) in Russian.

Can you do it in the given timeframe and for how much could you do it?
Project will be confirmed only on Monday/max Tuesday next week.

One of our clients has a rather urgent need for a small project in Russia. ONe company is the target and the project would include some preliminary, small scale secondary research and 1-2 interviews with experts.

On a high level, the scope is the following:

· Company size, key markets, history, strategic positioning, partnerships

· Go-to-market strategy: channels, target customers, local campaigns (local advertisement examples)

· Key selling points for mobile device portfolio in selected target market

· Profitability

· Care services

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