Website Data Entry Assistant

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Job Description

Please read company profile. We subcontract/broker sales for a South Florida dealer with 2 locations and 350+ cars in inventory. I handle much of the wholesale selling to other dealers and also sell retail.

We have FULL PERMISSIONS to manage and broker sales for Florida Fine Cars and to advertise inventory as a broker on their behalf. Both OVE and Smart Auction are wholesale sites selling to other dealers wholesale. Carsforsale site allows for easier posting to craigslist per Florida Fine Cars request and permission.

Your job will be to help me:

1) Transpose the inventory from to, and This involves setting up a folder to drag and drop pictures, then completing the templates on the 3 sites. I will perform final proof and post live.

2) Assist in managing our Facebook, Twitter and Linked In presence. I will guide you in this process if you are unfamiliar.

3) Assist in creating monthly enewsletter using I am very familiar and can establish your confidence in this process.

4) Update price changes on the inventory as it is adjusted approximately every 2 weeks.

Primarily I need you to assist with the data entry so if you don't know, don't like doing the marketing stuff, no problem. Lets get going with the data entry only.

to perform ALL JOBS is a full time position. However I would prefer to have 2-3 assistants performing the jobs so it is efficiently doable and not a time drain on the other jobs you may be already performing.