vTIGER CRM Site Upgrade

vTIGER CRM Site Upgrade


Job Description

We are looking for a vTiger CRM expert to upgrade our existing vTiger CRM website. We need the following functionality implemented:

1. Upgrade to the latest version (currently running 5.3.0)
2. Possible correction of a problem with the Customer Portal

Contractor requirements

We’re looking for a short-term contractor to perform the described maintenance on this website. The ideal developer has:

1. Successfully developed vTiger Site implementations and upgrades
2. Strong experience in general website development
3. Is familiar with upgrading vTiger websites and their development
4. Has great organizational and time-management skills to get work done on schedule

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your vTiger experience, including examples of past work
2. Your familiarity with upgrading websites and any contributions you’ve made on them
3. The way you would think about working on this project

About the company

Our company is a US-based Consulting website that allows users to access all things networking related.