Research Associate (Content)

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Job Description

This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced copywriter or researcher, ideally from a media/publishing or professional services firm background with great time management, and communication skills. You will be an experienced digital content professional with the ability to think creatively.

The successful candidate will be required to:

Find timely, trending, and highly engaging online content (articles, blog posts, tweets, pictures, videos, etc.) for our executive clients and their business network (“connections”, “friends”, “followers”, etc.) in very specific industry sectors.

Find content from diverse but leading global sources and authorities according to pre-determined keywords (e.g., “Life Sciences”, “Executive Leadership”, “IPO’s”, etc.) and regional requirements which we will provide.

Post links for found content to a well organized and easily understood spreadsheet, the format for which we will provide, with a title, brief explanation of the content, date published, source, and other information as we determine.

Furthermore, the successful candidate will:

be fluent in English
have good communication skills
be competent in the major Social Media platforms
have industry experience
have access to Skype/VOIP service
have an inquisitive mind, a thirst for knowledge, and a love for reading and research

Other strong preferences:

Lived in an English speaking country
Located in a nearby time-zone
Affinity to western culture

This role has great potential in terms of further work and progression for a growing communication company.

Skills: research, management, english, voip, communication-skills

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