Dojo Development Required

Dojo Development Required


Job Description

Please read below carefully before responding and do not send irrelevant information. Also quote your price for this sample work along with your response. This project is not a fixed price project but an ask for quote.

Looking for individual/team developer(s) to work on multiple chunks of work related to Dojo Framework.

The developer(s) should be able to understand english clearly and needs to have at least one year of experience with Dojo Framework and Ajax. Understanding of MVC frameworks would be an added advantage.

This project is a test project to establish working relationship and understanding with the developer for development of projects on long term basis. That would run into multiple years.

What is required from the developer is to show his Dojo Skills on one component of Dojo only.

Description of Work

Create a Dojo Grid (standard grid from dojo and without third party plugins. In case you think a Third party applicaiton can speed up your work, recommend for approval along with price differences for your work effort with or without the third party plugin.)

This Grid should be able to interact with a web application w.r.t. Create, Update and Delete functions built in.

The set of records in database for this grid to list would be 1000 (Sample Data).

The Grid should be able to paginate on server side and only load one page per request against the default functionality of loading all records at once. So say the page side is 10 the grid should only request for 10 records for a particular page only. When the user select to move to next page or to a specific page number the grid should load only that page using Ajax.

The Grid shall have sorting features that should interact with the web application to and reload the new data for the requested page, for example if the user tries to sort column one say Name in Z-A fashion, the Grid request the web application to sort accordingly and should display 10 records according to the page number selected.

The Grid shall have a filtering system per column, and shall request data from the web application accordingly in a paginated fashion.

The Grid shall have a search option per column and shall request data from the web application based on the searched keyword on the column.

CREATE Function
The Grid shall have pop-up for any add requests and shall display the form for entering the record values. No validation required for this sample project on save function.

UPDATE Function
The Grid shall have a pop-up for any update requests and shall display the form with existing record data for the user to modify and save.

DELETE Function
The Grid shall have the facility for the user to be able to delete a record from the grid. The delete same shall synchronize with the web application.

For All the three functions - CREATE UPDATE and DELETE. The grid shall show error if the web application does not return a success code.

This is a qualifying project for a long term contract that will need you to work for the next two years on independent contracts per work assignment related to one project.

The person with most responsive time and moderate billing charges will win the final project.

This sample project will be assigned to multiple developers to check the quality of the code and responsiveness along with the development price.

Skills: english, mvc, test, billing