Product Datasheet & Whitepaper


Job Description

We are looking for a writer who can attractively layout the highlights and convey the power and simplicity of Moxtra, for English speaking audience.

Moxtra is a visual collaboration application that makes it fun and engaging to collaborate with a group of people. Moxtra is available for as a free app for iPhone, iPad, Android & Web.

The writer should:
- have the ability to tell an engaging story for a wide range of audience (from simple to sophisticated)
- have the ability to identify right visuals to strengthen the story
- have access to all the devices (primarily iPhone, iPad, & Web), and develop mastery in using the product prior to creating the content
- Develop and format the content within the framework specified by the Moxtra team

The meat of the content will be provided through drafts, though it is expected that the writer will bring their ingenuity to make it professional.

Candidate should provide references to articles that he/she had written for other products/services.

The writer is expected to produce at least two guides:
1) Moxtra Product Overview
2) Moxtra Product End User Guide