Design A Professional Image Cover for a PDF Report


Job Description

The designer need to design an image for my report cover.

Dimension: 650 x 650px

This 650x650px image must include
- logo of my company (attached in job offer)
- contact details of my company (see below at end of description)
- An picture/photo/design about 'working adults' , 'corporate training', 'standing out in the crowd', 'unique personality'.
- If you're using an faces of people, use ASIAN faces.
- Use this colour red (HTML Code: E80000) as part of your design.

Attached in the job offer is the default design. The image you see in the default design is what I want to replace.


Will be good if you can come up with at least 3 designs to choose from. Submit the designs with your application for this job.

No illegal photos stolen from internet, websites to be used. Make sure you own the rights of the photos before you use for design.

This job will be open to a few contractors and designers, and sorry to say that only the contractor who win with the design I buy will be paid. I will not use any designs that I did not buy.

**Company details to be included in design of image: **
6274 5145

Open Attachment