Geolocation/Mapping app

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description developer needed to develop a geo-location mobile app for Android and iOS. is based on PhoneGap and utilizes HTML5/jQuery, and easily allows for cross platform development with a single code base. We have a preliminary app design, and need you to integrate the locations and GPS code into a refined UI.

Need to meet the following criterion:
1. 70+ pre-selected locations to be displayed on a Google map.
a. Locations will be:
i. In a nested list
ii. Separated into four quadrants.
iii. User selectable by check boxes to create a custom list
2. Ability for end user to customize route from the available locations.
3. Navigation/Directions via GPS.

Please give an estimate of cost for both hourly and the total job, as well as an estimated timeframe to completion. We want this app developed within 10 days.

We can provide:
1. 70+ locations in an Excel spreadsheet.
2. account login information.
3. Open source (MIT) code for the GPS navigation. (