Custom Greeting Card designer / Pop out Card designer/

Custom Greeting Card designer / Pop out Card designer/


Job Description

Job Type: Custom Greeting Card designer / Pop out Card designer/
Duration: Less than one week
Estimated work load: As needed
Rate: $50.00

Greeting card specialist with experience designing specialty pop out card designs. You will be requested to design 50 individual and unique, fun, colorful, outlandish, Christian (Pop Out) greeting cards.
There will be an area that allows the end of a feather to poke out of the front of the card. The main part of the feather will be behind another part of the card.
Each card will be original, limited edition and numbered. A blind child will color and glitter a part of each card. For this reason we will need to have an area of the card raised making it easy for them to identify.
The card will also include the youth ministries trademarked blue donkey on the cover of each card along with the theme of each card.
We need you to take a hands on role on this project and not only design the complete card to include the pop out but also to speak to our printer to give them exact information to include colors for each card.
These cards are prototypes. Once approved by the board of directors and the compliance staff, the youth ministry will utilize these cards to be used to assist a blind child to acquire a guide dog.
We have a scheduled deadline of 30 days. We would request weekly updates and a completed project no later than 30 days from your receiving the complete details.
The goals of these cards is to make the recipients smile. All 50 greeting cards are to be 5 1/2 by 8 inches long. Each card will have one four-color generic back.
Upon acceptance we will send you the themes, donkey logo, and information that needs to be on the cards.
We realize that our budget for this project is extremely low. However this project is fun and will be a great addition to your portfolio. It will also bring joy to many people that see these designs and will help an underprivileged blind child to obtain their very own guide dog.
The production of these cards will also bring joy to many people and, most importantly, it will tell people about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
The reason for the blue donkey for the youth ministry is based on Numbers 22 in the Bible where God opens the mouth of a donkey and has her speak. "God is the God of miracles!"

In order to be considered for this project we need to know we can count on your to complete this project once you have begun with no supervision or feedback. If you just plan on sending a resume save your time. We need someone that can perform with passion!
You have a God-given talent for a reason. Now it is time for you to utilize it to bring glorious hope to the hopeless,
the ones Jesus calls "The least of these little ones".
Join us and together we can open up a whole new world to these precious children of God.

Skills: design