LED lighting module layout for 3D sign illumination

LED lighting module layout for 3D sign illumination


Job Description

I will supply the successful candidate the LED Wizard 7 software to use for this particular job a You Tube presentation of the software can be seen here.


These 6 x short videos show how the software works and how simple it is to operate.

Together with this video demo is a webinar. This webinar that explains the importance of supplying a good LED layout quickly to clients -


What am I looking for?????

1. I am looking for someone to provide me with completed LED layout files within 24 hours of me sending you the layout request.

2. I will supply you with full access the software package.

3. I will pay you a fee per LED drawing as shown on the attached video link.

4. You will email the completed file to me, one completed.

This will be a 'free' service to my customers who purchase my LEDs which will be entered into the system. They are the Mini. Midi and Maxi module. as seen on my website www.LEDsignSupplies.com

Currently I am marketing and selling in the Australian marketplace only. I am planning to ship product to a warehouse distribution centre in the USA so I can market direct to sign manufacturers in North America.

I am seeking a flat fee rate per drawing set which I guess might take 5 - 15mins per set.

Peter King (Director)