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Job Description

i looking for someone to create a basic website for me. The reason it only needs to be basic is i only want it to have one product on the landing page.
To give you can idea, want to run an add about a 3 day trial pack in nutrition and want them to go to this site, which in turn will explain about herbalife and the 3 day trial pack. They will click the pic where they will have to sign up first for approval before they can see the price then once approved log back in, click the link with the price and purchase the trial pack. i already have a site that covers all my products but wish to run a website they gets them on this before i take them to my main site. They will need to sign up first before they can see the price as its the rules off herbalife, so once they see the product they sign up and would need me to accept them before they can log in, they choose the login details and i get an e-mail then quickly confirm them. Thats the general idea, if you feel you can accomplish this task please let me know what you think and how long to accomplish this task
thanks darren