Seeking Compasionate Very Intelligent Problem Solver

Seeking Compasionate Very Intelligent Problem Solver


Job Description

Hi all,

So this is sort of a hard task to describe, but it's basically a brainstorming session to help me figure out where to move to from this country I'm living in now. I'm thinking either the US, back to Canada, Israel (if you are Jewish & have been or frequent Israel, this is a plus), or another option I haven't thought of yet.

I'm not 100% ready to hire right now, but I hope to within 1-3 weeks. Should take no more than 1-3 sessions.

I'm seeking someone with the following traits/experience:

* well traveled worldwide. You understand different cultures, how to adapt (or not) & what it's like to be an expat.
* economics - you can figure out the differences in the cost of living of a country. You don't need a degree for this.
* logical, but also intuitive. You must be able to think with both sides of your brain.
* strategist - you can figure out how to chip away at most difficult decisions so a clear decision shines through. Again, no degree is needed.
* intelligent/sharp
* excellent communicator. I will want to discuss this on the phone.
* you must be fluent in English

Please give me the following:

1. Your expat and/or traveling experience.
2. Your experience with figuring out the economics of a country.
3. Your problem solving experience.
4. Why you feel you would be suitable for the task.

I will provide more details via a Word doc to see if you resonate with the issue.

Thank you


Skills: english, travel-arrangements, economics