Prototype of Brain-Storming Support Tool


Job Description

Hi, I'm going to make a prototype of brain-storming support tool.
I'm looking for an expert of JavaScript client-side development.

The first prototype is very simple one. Here is rough design.

- Imagine a chat.
- It works on browsers on PC.
- It also works on browsers on mobile phone, such as iPhone and Android.
- There are one textbox on the screen.
- Push enter-key on the textbox, the text is uploaded to server.
- Users don't have to wait until upload complete.
- It may queued and uploaded in background.
- Even if network is disconnected, user can write what he want to write.
- Of course, UI must tell users there are some uploading texts, if exists.
- If user try to close tab without upload all texts, dialog popup and ask really close tab.
- There are a list of texts which was post by the user and other user. It looks like a chat.
- You don't need to write server. Your job is to write client-side.
- I don't want to maintain servers for this. Store data on the other service, such as Google Drive.
- This may be useful: Realtime API
- Here is another tool on Google Drive. It store data on Google Drive and users can edit in same time.
Our prototype is much simple then it.

I appreciate any comments and questions.

-- Hiro