Fine Art Photographer/Large Scale Professional Photographer ($50 per print sold)


Job Description

I am seeking an extremely talented fine art photographer to showcase their work for our company. You will have the ability to produce large scale photographs of high resolution that can then be printed as large pieces of wall art 1.5 metre x 2.5 metre (max) and wall coverings 2.5 metre x 5 metre (max) to create interior feature walls. You will be skillful of taking magnificent and breathtaking photography of Landscapes, Cities, Nature, Abstracts etc. You will also have the ability to take close-ups of Natural Objects that can then be printed to create large wall coverings within Interiors.

The ideal person will be passionate about what they do from photography to design. You must possess the relevant equipment to achieve the above goals.

You will recieve $50 each time somebody purchases your design for print through us.

If you are interested then please email me back with photo examples of related work and CV.