E-Commerce Description Writing for Artwork Products - 12 Total

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description


Given a product name, research and write an original, factual product description. Website will be provided upon acceptance.

The content should be creative and useful for an e-commerce website to display on the product details page for the given product. Only needs to be 250-300 words each product.

Style and Tone

Professional, straight-forward. Be easy and informative, but do not do a 'sales job' on the product. Your job is simply to describe what the product is and why it is useful / interesting.

Structure and Format

The first paragraph should summarize the product's key features and benefits in a neutral, factual manner. It is okay to be positive and enthusiastic when describing the product, but do not be overly 'salesy'.

Next, describe the key attributes of this product (but do NOT mention pricing). For example, for an art product, you would cover things like location, view, special characteristics of the painting and painter, or any unique attributes that make this particular product special. You MAY describe these in a bullet list or in a paragraph form (use your judgement to determine which is appropriate.)

Detail and Research

Do NOT mention any pricing info

Do NOT include any URLs

Do NOT mention any particular e-commerce websites

Skills: research, painting, fine-art