Finance news article writer for internal publication


Job Description

Hi there writers!
This job involves writing 10-20 short articles from media releases I will send to you. The articles will be published in an internal publication that you will never see, and is not available to the general public.

You will not get a by-line, and there will be no fame and fortune for your efforts, just money.

The job is extremely easy, and the articles just need to obey basic jounalistic standards and be as well-put-together and dry as a Weetbix. Ok, better put together than that, but you get the drift. Finance news is not particularly riveting.

The deadline is a relentless week in week out, and there will not be much forward notice since it is based on the weekly financial goings on.

The pay is $AUD20 per hour and I would expect the work (having been doing this job myself for four years) to take no more than three hours per week.

You do not need any experience in finance or financial writing to excel at this job, but being able to decipher the sometimes-complex descriptions of products and services is necessary at times so you can accurately write an article. No research is required, but clean writing, meeting deadlines and good communication with me is.

I am keen for an ongoing relationship that can account for you needing a break from time to time, you getting sick or needing a holiday, and pay raises where due. I am very flexible and happy to accommodate you.

To apply, register your interest with two writing samples of your choice - the more interesting, the better, and any topic is fine. I just want a feel for the way you express ideas in a professional context. If you have a blog or other online writing, send me the link. I will respond to all enquiries. Job is immediate start with the first deadline this coming Friday. It does not matter where you are, but for your information I am in Australia.

This can potentially, for the right candidate, transpire into further and (arguably) more interesting work. I will guide you through the job at first to ensure it works for us both so a four-week trial period will be put in place.

I look forward to hearing from you!