Manual design of a post tensioning for a concrete wall

Manual design of a post tensioning for a concrete wall


Job Description

Design a proposal for post tensioning of a wall in a multy storey building.
The proposal must consist of sketches and calculations! An exemple will be provided.
Work has to be done in 2 days using the EUROCODES.

TABLE OF CONTENT - approximation-

Elevation of the shear wall
Loads with characteristic values

Preliminary design
• Preliminary examination in the ultimate limit state to see where vertical
reinforcement is needed
• Preliminaty determination of prestressing force in the Serviceability
Limit State . Choise ofthe number of prestressing bars.
• Macalloy system:
Maximum prestressing force. Frietion loss.
Effective prestressing force

Serviceability Limit State Analysis
• Load cernbination
• Allowable stresses
• Simplified calculation method
• Elevation with loads and internal forces
• Calculation of internal forces
• Stresses in sections'
• Detleetion

Ultimate Limit State Analysis
• Comments to methods used
• Design value of prestressing force
• Load cernbination
• Elevation of wall - loads 0,9G+l,SW+Peff
• lnternal forces o • Method: Eccentrical vertical reaction
o Section 1-4
• Sliding- outside the example, but some comments are made

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