3D Anatomical Animations

3D Anatomical Animations


Job Description

I need a set of (4) relatively simple, brief (looped) full-body, human-musculature animations, which will illuminate/highlight involved muscles during specialized exercises using a fitness device I’ve developed. The body figure’s epidermis should appear semi transparent with moderate underlying muscular detail - detail level should be that of skin removed musculature. No vascular, organ or skeletal detail is necessary. Assuming you already have archived models, I can view what you believe I am seeking and make my selection from those choices (provided one of your models is what I need).

Description of each of the (4) animations:

(1) Rotating full body (standing) specific muscle groups illuminated/highlighted as the body rotates 360 degrees in space. The model itself will be static (no physical movements), however rotating in space 360 degrees. Transparent background 10-25 second loop – length to be determined.

(2) Identical to above except a representation of a body-contouring steel cage wrapping around the torso as it rotates. The same body model can be used.

(3) I will provide a brief exercise clip to you and I will need the animated body model to perform the simple movement (body model will need to replicate the fundamental video exercise) using our training device (this simple device will need to be rendered in the animation along with a substrate upon which the model will exercise). As the movement is performed, the involved muscles will be illuminated/highlighted. I would like some camera movement to the shot (panning, rotation, perspective) for visual interest. This animation will be in the supine position showcasing muscles of the anterior.

(4) Same as above except in prone position showing muscles of the posterior – performing different, simple exercise movement. (same body model can be used if possible).

***This is ideal for a medical animator or 3D anatomical animator who has numerous stock figures already created and archived. I have a limited budget for this project and I’d hate to have someone toil unnecessarily.

All clips should be loop-able and 1920X1080 and scaleable for SD video 872X480. I also need the rendered files delivered in .avi, .mov or other NLE/windows compatible format.

I will need to communicate freely with you – email will probably not suffice. If you are outside of the US, I will need to be able to speak with you via Yahoo/Windows Live or any other free voice service – very important. After you and I contract, I will need to have an immediate voice consultation with you to specifically describe what I need. Fluent English is a must please.

I also need someone who will be flexible and willing to change highlighted muscle groups and/or perform minor edits/changes on these saved projects (if needed) after the project is completed for a reasonable fee.

As well, I will need to view the progress of each animation before committing to a final – to save us both the headache of going in the wrong direction. I’m easy to work with, but I want to make sure I get exactly what I need without confusion on either end.

There will be future work on this project as it evolves.

I have a budget of $350.00 for this project.


Skills: video, yahoo, training, english