Continous Integration with TFS and Azure

Continous Integration with TFS and Azure


Job Description

We have our code in TFS -Cloud - Services ( and our application is deployed to azure. Currently our build is running also in azure but because we have too many integration tests the build takeslonger than 1 hour, and we are not able to build, test and devlier our code from the cloud any more. So we are moving it to onsite solution.

What we need:
*setup CI system which continously checkes out our Master branch (best case upon every checkin), builds it using msbuild, runs unit and integration tests against local sql server database (alredy installed) and publishes the results to our build-instance in the azure
*setup build server task which can on demand check out code from our Release branch and build it, run tests
*setup tasks in build server which can publish the code to our test/acceptance and staging instances in azure (we alredy have powershell scripts in place for doing most of this, but they do not have to be used)
*optionally: setup tasks which keeps our sql server databse synced with our source control version (existing database schema is stored as sql server project in our TFS)
*as CI server we have jenkins installed but this can be changed

if you can do this, just let me know what do you think how long it would take, and when you coud start, then we will make short skype meeting to arrange all details.


Skills: test, microsoft-azure