Javascript map programming in Leaflet

Javascript map programming in Leaflet


Job Description

I'm looking for someone to work on a small map. It's a map of crime and I'd like to produce it using Leaflet.

The data is about 1,500 fields currently in CSV format, including the lat/long information and several text fields. It covers about six months.

Here's a sample of the key and one line:

Call Type,Date,Time,Location,Lat,Long,Weapon Type,Victim(s),Injury,Condition,Loss,Type,M.O./Summary
Hot Prowl,11/30/12,7:48,500 block of Gough St,37.777125,-122.419644,Unknown,WF,none,N/A,Unknown,,"Suspect enters downstairs lobby of business, goes to another floor and prys open door. Victims on upper floor never heard suspect."

I'd like the map to:

1) Show all the data, mapped
2) Show only a subset of the data (currently marked with a '1' in the Type field)
3) Allow manipulation of the data by date and time with a couple of sliders. (For example just between Oct 1 and Nov 15, or just between 2am and 7am, or a combination)
4) Then, for each point mapped, display a pop-up box when clicked with basic details of the incident.

If you feel you can handle this, please let me know how long you think it will take to produce.