QuickBooks data entry Bookkeeper & accountant


Job Description

I'm looking for someone to finish reconciling my 2012 credit card and any other data in suspense, as well as new data from 2013. I use quickbooks 2012 for Mac, will send you the windows version but will need it back in quickbooks for mac 2012 compatibility.

For this job it would be a one time that needs to be completed by this week preferably, and after this we can work on a weekly / monthly basis to maintain my accounts in order.

I have 1 bank account opened last year in august and 1 bank account that ended last year in december. Also carry 2 business cards, most of these cards have been inserted for the last year, the other half is missing. I need to reconcile / book-keep, insert any missing transactions and pretty much complete the items on suspense, so pretty much wrap up all of last year. This needed to get done yesterday, so eventually if i can finish last year by this weekend it would be absolutely key to hiring the first qualified candidate.

Once 2012 is reconciled and we have caught up with 2013, the work load will drop off quite a bit, and I would like to use your services for managing my quickbooks (automating bills, accounts receivables, data entry & reconciliation, etc.).

I am open to fixed price vs hourly rates, however my budget is very limited because i am currently paying my accountant to do payroll for myself and wife. I am a one-man company, and simply looking to keep my end clean and organized and updated so that i can turn it in to my accountant.

Important criteria in selecting a service provider:

- feedback from current and previous clients vouching for your skills as:
knowledgable with Quickbooks
fast and efficient
reliable and timely
cost effective
- Must be able to transfer to 2012 quickbooks for Mac

- Ability to text, Skype or video chat (with any popular application just as Skype/Facetime/Google Talk, etc)
- Great practical knowledge of the English language, written and spoken
- Preferred working in the US or someone with a perfect background and tax knowledge in US accounting