Create High School Math Worksheets with Answer Keys

Create High School Math Worksheets with Answer Keys


Job Description

One of my domains is a math worksheet website ( You can see it here : . The site focuses, largely, on high school mathematics . Topics range from linear equations through logarithms and geometry.

Math Units we're currently looking for:
*Locus (as taught in High schools)
*Logic (converse, inverse)
* Parabolas
*Triangles (remote/exterior angles and other topics not on our website that would typically taught in first year geometry)
* Similar Triangles
* probability

How Does Unit design work?
You submit a proposed way to break down the unit into worksheets. After I approve, you create the sheets and answer keys.

The target audience for this site's worksheets are US high school students and teachers (private and public) . Each worksheet is scaffolded and follows this format:

* 1-3 example problems worked out step by step with
* 5-10 easy , straightforward problems
* 10-20 medium problems (depending on topic etc..)
* several challenging problems that require higher level thinking including "think-pair-share" problems on provocative take on extended level of the given.
* An answer key

Total problems should be between 25 and 40 problems.

Pre-requisites for this job:
1) Prior Experience Teaching
2) ability to create documents using Microsoft Word and save as pdf,
3) for geometry topics like Triangles, ability to create accurate images


In your response, please indicate which topics above you are interested in and how much experience you have teaching them.


We are looking for people with experience teaching specific topics to create sheets on those specific topics. So , if you have a lot of experience teaching Locus, then that's what we'd want you to make for us.

If you have sample worksheets, please attach them.

If you do NOT have classroom experience teaching, then I'm sorry we will NOT read your application. This job is not suitable for people who 'know' math but haven't taught it--you MUST have demonstrable experience teaching these topics. Sorry for the obnoxious caps, but I'm trying to save us all some time ;).

Extra points if you have a dropbox account and can share files with me that way

Skills: mathematics, design, teaching, pdf