ASP.NET, C#, Dropthings Web Portal, Add new features

ASP.NET, C#, Dropthings Web Portal, Add new features


Job Description

Project : Add new features on Dropthings Web Portal.

Skills : ASP.NET , C#, WCF, WPF(Maybe), HTML5(or less), CSS3(or less), javascript, REST, Multi-tiers structure

If you are familiar with the dropthings(, then it will be easy tasks to you.

Please only the applicants who can do these tasks and start immediately hope to apply.

These are the summary of the tasks and I will give you specific requirements after deciding you work or not for me.

1. is the site you will fix and add new features.

2. You can use or paypal or any other payment methods you want to use if it doesn' require the minimum fee on the discount rate.( doesn't) I don't know about the others.

3. Enhance UI(hopely HTML5) and meet the web standards

4. Fix several errors on ui and code

5. Management page and user page

6. Add google adsence and programme some related code

7. Add payment system and programme some related code

8. Add and fix posting related pages and code

9. Advertisement and trading features will be added.

I will explain you the requirements on the interview.