Life Cycle Analysis


Job Description

I’m looking for comparable figures that detail environmental impact/savings between 2 options. For example: disposable plastic bag/reusable plastic bag. (see attached)

I want to consider as much of the life cycle data as possible to give an accurate picture of the real story. You would be calculating a way to compare categories such as:
- energy use
- water use
- fuel
- landfill/recycling data
- carbon emissions

This may mean assessing the reusable bag in terms of it being used for 12 months (that’s up to you). You may want to use averages available. This is where an ability to present and analyze statistics will be important. The breakdowns may already be out there in a simple format so could just be a matter of you knowing where to find them.

I’m looking for someone who can take initiative and has a good ability to asses the best way to compare, group and rate products. Someone who might take into account details like % of product recycled or % ending up as landfill or debri if the information is available. A freakonomics style approach.

All figures will need to be referenced.

The options I need compared are:

Plastic Disposable Bag
Reusable Bag (based on 12 months use?)

Plastic Disposable Bottle
Best Reusable Bottle Option (based on 12 months or average lifetime?)

Disposable coffee cup
Best Option Reusable Coffee cup (based on 12 months or average lifetime?)

The data would then be broken down and simplified in a way that shows real savings to the environment in each relevant category by using the better option.

Please respond with an example of how you might compare the plastic bag to the reusable bag and why. How would you account for the high initial production and long term savings of the reusable in a way that allows realistic per use comparison? may be a good source but I can't access the app from Australia.

Please quote a set price for one set of figures and I will decide whether or not to do all three options after the first round.

Skills: analysis, reporting

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