Ruby on Rails Personal Data Capture Project

Ruby on Rails Personal Data Capture Project


Job Description

This project is going to be a slightly challenging, fast and fun web application project.

The goal of this project is to capture personal data with a fun modern web design using Heroku and MongoDB

Captured data will be stored to a database for referencing and reporting. The initial information to capture includes:

Personal Info, Stats & Goals...

Resulting in an online calculation for instant feedback on a simple, cool, modern and fun looking web interface.

Additional details of this project are attached in the attached word document.

It is estimated that this project should take no longer than 1 week and be within budget ($50-100). Bids higher and lower will be assessed.

Please provide 3 references to current examples of your web development work.

I look forward to working with you on this project. I can't promise you all my projects, but we have many currently in production and many more planned. I can promise you that this will be fun and you will be part of a fast growing and exciting company and projects.

Please review the attached file for additional details on this project.


Patrick McGuire

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