Selling US Land in China - Fee Simple, Own the Land Forever, Seller Financing

Selling US Land in China - Fee Simple, Own the Land Forever, Seller Financing


Job Description

We are looking for qualified candidates to serve as Sales Representatives!

We are an American company that owns a large quantity of land in Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and more. The owner of the land, is one of the largest landowners in America. While there has already been success selling land lots to American, Japanese, and Korean investors, we are now branching out to mainland of China to extend real estate investment opportunities to Chinese citizens, businessmen and investors. We will create a sales team of qualified and diligent individuals who will find potential customers, arrange meetings and give presentations using the sales kit provided by us, and make money in commissions based on property sales.

THERE IS NO LIMIT TO WHAT YOU CAN EARN. The more properties you sell, the more money in commissions you take home, it is as simple as that. A monthly stipend can be provided to individuals who proves themselves and are self driven. Details about commissions and stipend rates will be discussed upon your inquiry. College educated individuals are preferred. Networking skills are crucial. Should you already have access to existing networks of interest, we will take that in consideration during the application and hiring process.

It will be your responsibility to search for potential buyers, make contacts, arrange meetings, give presentations, and guide land buyers through the purchasing process. As previously mentioned our company will provide you with all the materials needed to advertise, promote, and make sales, to include a sales kit and a sales pitch presentation. We will also administer training to familiarize you with the properties, the materials, the purchasing process and other pertinent information.

Include a short description of your skills, experience, education, and other information you believe to be relevant. Should you be brought on to our team, expect to start soon.

Details and questions about the company, the properties, commissions and earnings, etc. will be addressed after you send us an inquiry message including your description.

Hawaii Arizona Corporation


1. How do we know you are a legit company?

Upon request we will send you references (you can google this and verify us yourself of course). You will find the company current and in good standing.

2. How do we know you'll pay us?

We are not a broker but work directly under the sole owner of the properties we are selling. The only way for us to make money is to sell properties, and therefore individuals who sell our properties are our source of income; simply put it is in our best interest to keep our sales people happy. No sales = no income for anybody.

3. Does your company have any experience in selling in China?

We had an office in Chengdu that we plan to re-activate once our sales team is up and running properly. It is in our interest to provide as much assistance to our sales people as possible.

4. Why are the properties affordable?

The properties are 'ready to build on' land, ideal long term investments for individuals or companies interested in buying land where the population is headed.

5. How are we paid?

We make this simple: Properties bought in full right out (no financing) yields a lump sum of $1000. Properties bought via our in-house financing yields $1000 paid monthly out of your buyer's monthly payments. This commission is typical for most of the properties and is usually above 7% of the properties value.

There will be properties with higher value and therefore higher commissions. Talented sales people will have access to this inventory and excellent incentives.

For example: Someone buys a property and uses our in-house financing. The buyer pays a down payment of $500 (plus fees), the seller receives half of the down payment (not including fees). After which every month the buyer pays a monthly of $300; the seller then receives half of the monthly payment or the fraction thereof until the $1000 dollars is paid. As simply as that.

Skills: networking

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