Statistical Analysis on 270 respondents of an 8 question survey

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Job Description

I recently conduced an 8 question survey of 280 of my clients.
Responses are mostly 0-10, Yes/No or Short answer.

Here is the survey they completed (or a call centre contacted them and completed it via phone)

I would like someone who can take that raw data in excel and turn it into simple and meaningful insights that I can present to my team so we can benchmark future performance.

A few extra bits of information that you should know:

We run a system called Net Promoter Score which places a lot of importance on the first question "on a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to refer us to a friend"

9-10 = Promoter (green)
7-8 = Passive (yellow)
6 and below = Detractor (red)

You can learn more about it here.

I would like the summary to involve any interesting insights you can gain around the 'Net Promoter Score'.

If this is something you can achieve, I'd love to work with you.


Glen Carlson