Heat Mapping application based on variable data inputs

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Job Description

Project involves pulling together a significant amount of data related to oil and gas development in to develop a 'heat map' of various regions. All data can be pulled/provided in flat file form and will be associated with a specific geographic location (typically latitude/longitude). Application will have the ability to look at ~30 different variables associated with a given geographic location and will tie these variables (most likely via regression modeling) together with actual oil and gas production data in order to create a 'heat map' that shows attractiveness of various targeted areas/regions.
End product would ideally allow the user to turn on/off certain variables in order to understand contributing factors to a given heat map intensity, and could also be overlaid on an existing application like Google maps or Earth in order to provide greater user flexiblity and interaction.
End product would also allow the user to sort and/or search for certain specific variables

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