Corporate Identity - First step of a longterm contract

Corporate Identity - First step of a longterm contract


Job Description

!! Update about the draft !!
Unfortunately the description might be missunderstanding. The companyname itself might be but also might not be the only part of the logo. But if you do use just the company name at least do not use just a simple font with differently coloured backgrounds.
The attached actual blackarray logo is very nice but its clearly not what a graphical designer would name a fully fledged graphical logo.
I am deeply sorry if this has lead to some confusion!

!! Update about CI Process !!
This first run with a single simple logo as goal is meant to be a prliminary study as I will be willing to hand over the look and style of all my brands to a single point of failure I did come up with this rather slow, but very efficient way.
If the first run will not generate a satisfying product it will be repeated.

!!! Only the 1st step is part of this competition and the budget of 80 USD is meant to be the maximum for this single logo and not a whole Corporate Identity. Therefore please use as your requested price your estimated effort multiplied with your hourly rate !!!

________________1st Step________________________________________
For my new company BlackArray[] a professional logo needs to be designed
- this is a young a innovative web dev company
- the logo should be a visual representation of innovation, dynamic and web
- the design should state the professionality of the company
- the brackets at the end should be included
- at least one proposal should contain the companies name fully with brackets
- the logo should be greyscale and usable on business cards
------------------------------Exact Request-----------------------------------------------------------
- as a first step 3-5 design proposals should be provided to give you a better direction of the finalisation of the product
- the final product might require some iterations but will not exceed 5

__________________Application Details_____________________________
- please send a short letter about your background
- please send some references of previous lgogo design projects
- the company websites URL will be forwarded to you.

_________________Future longterm contract__________________________
The logo I need for BlackArray[] is just for a part of my business concept. There are two further brands which I need to seperate. By keeping the brands completely seperated I can start each business seperatly and with different effort without damaging eachother.

Therefore I'm interested in expanding the contract to 3 seperate Logo-Designs and some Illustrations.

1st js dataSystems
-> very businessy logo, maybe a table included
-> colours blueish

2nd BlackArray[]
-> a pure web design brand which
-> a logo consting mainly on the name itself would be nice
-> colour greyish

3rd IndigoTrail
-> my Photography Project
-> a mixture of spiritualism and the colour indigo. maybe some natural "curves" would be nice. It should just look all natural and not to techy even if its about photography
-> colour: indigo

For my website BlackArray[] I'd really like to get some simple illustrations to have a little eyecatcher next to the very text-heavy sections references/about us/contact. This might be a cartoonish figure in action. Or some symbols with a similar meaning.
-> just a small 5 to 5 inch picture
-> only black/white
-> preferable hand drawn sketchy

The three logos aren't connected by content or by function. But by having all three of them from the same source I expect them to be at least connected by style which will come in very fancy.

As the further business of the three brands is at least planned - there will be many more tasks in the pipeline. Just according to the individual speed of each brand I will need subsequently for each a proper corporate Identity. Containing:
-> Microsoft Word Templates: Letter/Contract/White Paper/Research Paper
-> Business cards
-> Envelope
-> js dataSystems will need logos for its products
-> js dataSystems application will need icons
-> js dataSystems applications will need colourscheme

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