Statistician & Data Analyst

Statistician & Data Analyst


Job Description

We require an efficient, accurate statistician to assist us in data analysis within AFL (

As part of a professional team within the AFL, we rely heavily on statistics and data to guide our decision making. However the quality of the standard stats packages is questionable, as it does not take into account the strength of the opponent nor the specific situations within a game and their impact on the chances of scoring a goal.

As a result, we are setting out on a project to improve the statistics by allowing for those two factors, in a similar way to the Defense Adjusted metrics found own

We will discuss intricate details of our game and the statistics which need to be further investigated in interviews, but the general scope of work will include the following:
- adjust statistics from 2013 season to identify key learnings
- prepare systems for efficient analysis of games during 2014 season
- produce weekly reports outlining league and team leaders, trends and rankings for key statistical categories, adjusted for defines and situations

Please do not waste our time (or yours) telling us your life story, what your favourite statistical tool is or who you support - all we need to know to decide who we interview is your answers to the following:
1. What experience do you have in statistics?
2. Have you any experience working with sports statistics in particular?
3. Do you have anything else you will bring to the job (apart from providing the deliverables listed above) that you think will help us?

Any applications which do not adhere to the specific questions above will be REJECTED IMMEDIATELY

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