Looking for senior C#, asp.net web developers

Looking for senior C#, asp.net web developers


Job Description

Printasy Commerce is an ebusiness platform in development, allowing the creation & maintenance of webshops & websites integrating a lot of marketing & workflow features.

We have decided to continue our developments creating a dreamteam of (east) european senior offshore developers. Before our developments have been made by a local development company; but for cost reasons and fact that we want to progress faster make us make this decision.

At this time we are looking for 4 to 6 developers. Each of them will need to invest some time to get to know the current solution, which is based on a proprietary ASP.NET C# / MVC4.5 / SQL 2012 framework developed by a local belgian software development company.

It is our intention to work with this team on an ongoing base where each team member needs for the next 4 to 6 months to be able to allocate 30 to 50% of their time to this project. After this period the project won't stop and on a regular base we will come with requests for developing additional features.

We will choose our partners by 15 september.

The partners that apply will have to sign an NDA, and will then on a regular base be invited to make quotations for feature sets which each time will take between 3 to 6 weeks of work.

To manage our project, we work with Team Foundation Service (the webbased version of TFS). Once you are on our shortlist and have signed the NDA, we will give you access to our TFS account.

Every party we invite to make a quotation, we will pay a fee just for making the quotation. We do this because we want you to do some research in the code before you make the quotation so you know exactly what you have to do; and so you can do a good estimate in time and efforts needed. We expect also some feedback from this research. If you have ideas to do things in other ways; ot see things that need to be done prior to doing this; ... we expect you to share this with us.

On the other hand we also will agree on a penalty system in case development works are exceeding the agreed delivery time or when the job is not done the way we had agreed.

Requirements :

We are looking for experienced developers, living in EUROPE.
Also teams can apply BUT the requirements mentioned must speak to the developers who will do the job and we want to communicate directly with the programmers; not with an inbetween person.

Applicants should be able to communicate fluently in english - and be good documenters.

We are looking for at least 5 years experience with ASP.NET; C#; MVC up to MVC4 and you must have some experience with TFS.

We are unsure if we want to go with programmers able to do both frontend and backend development or we give backend to specific backend programmers & frontend to someone having frontend only knowledge. This will depend on the profiles that apply for our shortlist.

For the backend side deep knowledge of SQL is required (union/merge/casting/DBA-functions/scripting/stored procedures/types);
For the frontend side, HTML5 - Javascript - Ajax - Jquery - knockout - CSS - Kendo UI (telerik tools) - Bootstrap - SEO basics - UI design - Mobile UI's - Responsive design

Experience with (various) CMS'es & CRM's is an advantage. Also when you developed a CMS or CRM before will work in your advantage.

The tools required are visual studio - latest version (with TFS); resharper; ghost doc; stylecop; nuget; SQL managment studio; kendoui; dropbox & skype.