All-round talented writer. Perfect English is a must!

All-round talented writer. Perfect English is a must!


Job Description


Please read the description!

I am posting yet another job for a talented writer. I may need more than one and this is long term work.

The writer MUST have perfect English, preferably native. If I see grammar mistakes in you application it will be rejected immediately. Please do not waste my time if your grammar and English is not perfect.

Projects vary in length, topic and pay.

I have articles, blogs, re-writes, academic papers, website content and more that need writing.

Some tasks will pay $3 per 500 words while others will pay $5 and $6 and sometimes more. You must be okay with this and be willing to take on the lower paying tasks as well as the higher paying ones.

You must be good at researching topics and be comfortable with writing informative pieces that are useful to the reader.

Please note that I absolutely will not pay for unusable content that is full of grammar mistakes, repetition and content that is not useful to the reader.

I already have 3 excellent writers in my team and need to expand due to the increase in work.

There is plenty to go round and I can give you tasks on a daily basis.

Please write "I have perfect English skills" at the top of your application so that I know you have read this.

I am looking forward to your applications.

Best regards

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