UG for a custom Plastic Container

UG for a custom Plastic Container


Job Description

We need a UG design (also available as a vector file) that we can send to a our plastic molding manufacturer.

I need to put an object inside the plastic container, shaped something like a guitar. The CAD for the object is currently available in sites like or similar.

I would like you to produce the UG file for the container to fit the guitar so I can use for molding. The container contains 2 parts - container and cover. I will provide technical design guidelines once I confirm you for the job.

Now here is the challenging part.
I need you to design such that the case is stackable. You can stack them on each other. This means there needs to be groove designs build into the cover and container. Next, the container, being triangular shaped, means two can be combined to form a rectangle. You need to design a lego-like (male-female) structure to connect the sides of the case. I have some idea of it, so if you cannot think of the design, just use my design concept.

See Attached photo
Face Z is the lego connecting surface.


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