PPC/CPA Affiliate Manager

PPC/CPA Affiliate Manager


Job Description

We are in the design/rollout stage of www.FreedomAccelerators.com and are looking for a "go to" resource that can assist us not only with completing Phase 1 of our site but also become part of our team as we grow our business working with a variety of small business and entrepreneurs.

This individual will need to be versatile and savvy with internet marketing.

We're not looking for someone to do exactly what we say but are interested in how he/she can add value to what is being done.

We will be working with clients that use CJ, Clickbank, ShareASale, ClickBooth, Peerfly, Neverblue, MaxBounty, BevoMedia, Tracking202, and other tools that we recommend.

You'll also become part of our network and we'll also do our part to pay in a timely fashion and generate additional business for you (via our clients) if you are a team player.

Must be willing to sign a non-compete/non-circumnavigation agreement as we'll be acting as the relationship owner and we don't want our partners to go "direct" to save money. We hope to position your talent at a very fair price.

If you know Frank Kern, Brendan Burchard, Jeff Walker, Rich Schefren, and that crowd, then you want to be a part of what we're doing.

If you know metrics, conversion rates, multivariate analysis such as Optimizely or VisualWebSiteOptimizer, and the other tools of the trade (Like the back of your hand), then you definitely want to be a part of what we're doing.

My wife an I have past experience with UUnet, MCI, GE, Worldcom, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Xerox. I have a BS in Computer Engineering and a MBA and my wife is a Sales/marketing phenom. We currently live on an island in Southern California. This is not our first rodeo and we're looking to build a strong team.

Will be asking chosen candidates to chat live with us. Be prepared to talk about past experience and showcase any past work.

Geography is not important. We operate in US based time zones. Strong English skills are key as you'll be working with us and our clients. Not as concerned with certifications as much as results and past successes.

Thanks for your consideration.