Designer with wild ideas wanted for unique (Male) sock/stockings design


Job Description

Our idea is to create unique, wild, crazy, different, flashy, edgy, provocative, fun, never-seen-before, socks/stockings for our webshop.

What we have in mind is sketch, prints, cartoons, drawings, colors, etc. but nothing that requires us to pay royalties and nothing like stripes and dots you find anywhere... we want something NEW!

We want to hire one or multiple designers to help develop multiple designs, that can be produced at our factory in China.

For now we are looking at 10 designs for MALE socks/stockings, that can be used in combination with jeans, shorts, suits etc. But later on expand if it is a success.
If you want this job, the number of designs we buy form you, depends on your qualifications, meaning you might not get all 10 designs...

YOU have a good sence of humor, WILD imagination, some CRAZY ideas now and then, and you are prepared to create something DIFFERENT.
We have some ideas ourselves, but we need you to be able to "think outside the box" aswell.

Please write us if you are interested, and feel free to add an idea or a sketch or something, displaying your idea of the above mentioned :-)

Odesk wants us to put a price on this work, but it depends on how many designs you can do and of course your qualifications. You are welcome to put in your price idea in the application.

Have you got what it takes to create something new?
Then please contact us :-)