Ajax for page updating Jquery Tabs for page loading

Ajax for page updating Jquery Tabs for page loading


Job Description

Hello I am looking for a Ajax Jquery tabs 13 tabs to be exact. This is going to be used for a Menu for web site pages to be displayed.

Now what I need is this 13 tabs with a slideDown ('slow') effect for the page to load smoothly as possible. I have a good example of the tabs setup I am looking for that you would be able to use for example. Keep in mind it isn't put together right the way I have it.. Hint the reason why I need them designed. The tabs will be used in a web based browser games...

Example tabs,
Home index.php?page=home,
Attack index.php?page=attack,
Missions index.php?page=missions,
Property index.php?page=property,

each one of listed tabs there has it's own HTML and PHP files

I also have a header.html and header.php. Well anyways I am looking for someone to either edit what I have started or to use what I have done so far as example and remake it properly. Thanks Steve

I know price my subject to change, I just put budget of 50.00