Study thesis: effectivity and productivity of procedural generation techniques for artists

Study thesis: effectivity and productivity of procedural generation techniques for artists


Job Description

I am looking for some artists, who have experience with procedural generation in any way and check the possibilities for the development of an new workflow for implementing some corresponding algorithms in any current creative content creation software with procedural components in terms of procedural generation (described at Wikipedia, keyword 'procedural generation', link:

Maybe you have already worked by this style of production and you can explain the advantages and disadvantages out of daily routine in the hard industry? Help me understand this way of content production much better and let us focus on ideas how to realize such an effective and productive workflow for every artist (mostly 2D/3D artists, but also sound designer are important...)

This study should contain an analysis of the present situation for an artist producing with procedural techniques and algorithms (at best you are a technical artist, so you know a little bit of scripting, too) and bring up a complete and stable pipeline for producing procedural content effectively and productively by adding up the collective experiences I want you to share with me. Be part of an greater good and tell me ideas for realization. There are a lot of things already available, just let us put them together as one piece.

This job is for putting a whole new document together about art and procedural content by doing a survey and knowledge share, so please join the discussion with your research. Please see the job's budget as small expense for trouble to tell your story.

Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions. I appreciate your feedback for this job. The further details will be discussed in closer sessions with the applicants.

Skills: computer-science, analysis