Experienced Professional Fast Web Designer To Bring Pages Fresh (HTML, Web Design) With Knolwedge Of SEO

Experienced Professional Fast Web Designer To Bring Pages Fresh (HTML, Web Design) With Knolwedge Of SEO


Job Description

We are looking for an individual with great written English skills and a phenomenal eye for detail and layout to bring 1,000's of pages we have, one page at a time fresh to improve conversions.

An example of what would be done:
Example page: http://www.curadebt.com/Consumer-Credit-Counseling/TX-Texas/Consumer-Credit-Counseling-TX-Texas.shtml

Action items:
1) Make the header and left bar same green.Bring the left bar up to be touching the header (e.g. remove the wasted white space)
2) Instead of the woman and yellow button on right side, use the image http://www.curadebt.com/results.asp#Clients but still have the Consumer Credit Counseling TX as a textual header in page
3) Add 5-6 sentences about Texas that make sense and clean up current text.
4) Add a video from youtube midway down that is about Texas and not a competitor.
5) Clean up the left bar by using one font, laying out text better, left aligning.
6) Adding 1 links to a government office in Texas related to debt and one to wikipedia as authority reference links. Add in the testimonials plugin from customerlobby and other certifications from home page http://www.curadebt.com/ into the left bar to add credibility.
7) Add the schema text we provide for video since there will be a video now.
Improve description
8) And run through seomoz for on page to make sure page gets an A
Most important, landing page must look beautiful

Once you have the hang of it, should take 30-45 minutes per page to bring fresh, relevant and much more appealing to the visitors.

To be selected, please list 3-4 web pages or blog posts you have written and designed (e.g. laid out). In the 3-4 web pages confirm what term you optimized them for (e.g. Search Engine Term)

Looking forward to working with you!

Skills: design, english, counseling, video, youtube

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