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menu planner


Job Description

I would like to have some software created within the health and fitness industry. There are many out there to compare however mine would be simplified and targeted to specific demographics.

I would like a function that has all foods in the system and people enter the foods they like by category, ie breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desert, drinks, other (or miscellaneous). The next step would populate a new meal plan every week based on the foods they like, the next tab would be a printable feature that populates into a shopping list by category at the supermarket, ie meats, fruits, vegetables, perishables etc. This would be saved so they can use them over and over at a later stage.It also needs a facility to plug in who is in your family so it becomes a family menu planner not just for singles. so the servings would be adjusted to suit the size of ones family. It also needs the ability to calculate calories per serve, fats, carbs protein etc and a guide to where they are lacking to change their snack if nutritional requirements are not met. If you look at similar menu plan sites, you may see what I mean, however please ask me more if you need any more clarification. i would also love to know if this can be made into an app as well so i can give this away as a bonus, thanks

Hi there, thank you for your interest in this job, i need to undertake some further research over the next few weeks and will touch base again after that, thanks for your patience!