SPSS & Data Analysis Expert

SPSS & Data Analysis Expert


Job Description

We need a skilled statistician & data analyst to help us 1. enter data into SPSS, and 2. answer some questions for us by analysing the data.

We have a number of separate data sources on our employees in excel format that not only reflects their performance in a variety of areas, but also contains some information that we use to profile them. There are 16 employees we want to analyse in detail, and have the following datasets to help us analyse them:

- current group's performance metrics for this year
- current group's staff ratings (subjective) for past 2 years, as well as historical data comparing this group to previous 6 years
- current group's individual profile data (age, personality factors, position, etc)
- current group's program & adherence records

What we are hoping to do is identify elements of their profile that are predictive of, or correlated with, better than average performance (or better than average change in performance over time)

Do not waste our time telling us your favourite software, who you work for or where you went to university - all we need to know to decide who we want to interview is the answers to the following questions:
A. How long do you think it will take you to enter the data, analyse the data, and provide a re[port back to us?
B. Can you provide one example of a similar project you have completed before?
C. Are you open to a fixed fee arrangement, and if so, how much would you charge?

Those who fail to adhere to the format outlined above in their applications will be REJECTED IMMEDIATELY

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