Javascript for a Ruby on Rails app

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I need 2 pieces of javascript work done for a ruby on rails application.

1. When a video is played (or clicked) I need it to trigger a modal that asks if the user agree with the terms and conditions. If they agree then the video plays, if not then it won't. By clicking on 'agree' it will also update a join table model's boolean value to 'true'.

The user will need to agree each time they watch a video that belongs to a different event. If they have already agreed, then it should not re-appear if they go to watch that video again.

2. When a new user signs up they a redirected to the home page. I need an onload modal screen to appear (only for first-time sign ups) that leads them through 3 screens:

Step 1: Welcome (I'll provide you with the text)
Step 2: Customise your experience (this could be the ticky part, as what they select will influence what is shown on the home screen)
Step 3: Fill out your basic profile (ideally in the modal screen, but if that's difficult just send them to the profile page)

With step 2, they'll be asked to select which industry's they're interested in, and then only those industries will be shown to them on the home screen.

I estimate it should take less than a day to create these 2 pieces of code.