Social media network design


Job Description

I would like a social media photo page, I want it based on the idea of million dollar homepage, which I know is advertising site, where people can register to the site, just like face book, twitter etc. For free, and upload pictures and build a photo page, setting their own pictures sizes and where they put them, move them about, so by the end they make their own poster, with links so they can show on twitter and face book if possible, maybe log in with face book, and invite face book friends to follow of befriend them on the site. Would like also that they can buy the page for say £5 and change the name at the top to there’s or there company add the page to their own website, download it to homepage, or so they can have a link where they can send it off to get printed into a poster, advertising board, birthday card etc, so they use for free but have an option of paying for it to be there site, so they can change it around , if famous sell the poster page, I hope you understand where I am going with this, and hope it makes sense, if you could send me a cost and a time frame, that would be great.

Skills: design