Mobile JQM Site Help

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Hi Web Developers,

I have created a mobile web app using PHP and Jquery Mobile. I need help finishing the site for parts that are beyond my programing and troubleshooting skills.

Here is my current todo list:

1. Create Dynamic Agenda - very simple setup to allow someone to make an agenda for a meeting. Fields include Topic, Name, Time, and Delete. Must be able to move up and down via ajax and remember order. Would prefer to store info in a flat file vs DB.

2. Persistent Chat Room - something simple like this: Would prefer not to use a DB if possible. Must have a chat log that prints to text file with time.

3. Odds/Ends and Code Clean Up - Track down error messages in log and a few bugs chrome is giving. Clean up some PHP code as well as some CSS.

Applicants must be willing to be available during 8am to 5pm -5 UTC Time work day while working on this project.

To be considered, **You Must** give time estimates for items 1 & 2.


Skills: troubleshooting