Google First Page (Online Dog Trainers School)

Google First Page (Online Dog Trainers School)


Job Description

2 Keywords:
dog trainer courses
dog trainer school


I need to bring our website on first page result on Google (position 3 or higher).

I am offering $100 per month.

Please, reply:
1. Your best offer
2. How long will it take

I would like to receive reports every Sunday: current position for each keywords (including previous week position, so I can compare) + list of links that you did.

No hourly rates!
No upfront fees!

NOTE: Payment will be maid every month in condition that keywords position are getting higher to the first page result.

If after 14 days positions are the same, or you will not send me a report, then I will cancel the contract and pay nothing. Each month positions should be higher at least for a count of 10.

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