Comic Illustration


Job Description

Please look at the attached file.

I have written a book about an American Football team that is made up of 14 year old boys. I am trying to appeal to 14 year old boys. When you are learning American Football a lot of the learning is how you hold your body. I found pictures on the Net that are examples of how you hold your body. I need drawings made of those pictures. I can't use pictures of other people in this book. I just need a simple picture of a character in the same pose as the person in the picture.

I need someone to illustrate photos in the attached file into simple drawings. You don't need to really change the photos. You just need to draw the photos in the file. The drawings can be very simple sketches. There are a lot of photos. I am not looking for detailed pictures.

Please see the attached file.

We will need to come to an arrangement on the price and the deadline. I just put the amount of $100 because it made me choose something. I will front some money and we will do a pay as you go scenario.

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